Earn a comission After
every referral.

  • You earn for every sign-up based on the type of plan you refer.
  • We understand users might not convert right away, that’s why we provide 60-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale.
  • Your earnings are paid in a 60-day conversion window.

You get 20% monthly recurring commissions

  • True profit sharing by giving you recurring comission for the lifetime of the customer you referred, enabling you to build passive income.
  • With less than a 5% churn rate Split Dragon customers rarely leave. So recurring comission hold real value.
  • Payouts are always made on time and sent right to your account each month.

Your passive income in 1 year

Refer 5 new subscriptions for a Business plan each month and have a passive income of $1,200 monthly after 1 year
$100 month 1 $200 month 2 $300 month 3 $400 month 4 $500 month 5 $600 monthly income in 6 Months month 6 $700 month 7 $800 month 8 $900 month 9 $1000 month 10 $1100 month 11 $1200 month 12

How to get started

Sign Up Registering only takes a minute and you’ll receive access after a quick approval on our end.
Send Traffic Create as many affiliate links as you want and point them anywhere on our site. Then optimize based on what converts best.
Earn Money As soon as your links convert you’ll be certified with your referral commission, ready for the next monthly payout.

Split Dragon is an easy sell

A churn rate of under 5% tells a lot. Once customers come to Split Dragon, they rarely leave. And remember that you earn commissions over the lifetime of their stay!
Some of the features that make customers stay with us:
Search Rank Tracking
A/B Tests
Product Quality Score
Keyword Research

Ready to earn money?

Have Any Questions? Contact our affiliate manager directly by writing to info@Split Dragon.com