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Hundreds of sellers rely on Split Dragon every day

Malaysia Seller

Split Dragon allows me to automatically get reports on my search rank so I know I need to take action if there is a major drop.

Indonesia Seller

Without Split Dragon, I would just be guessing with my product content changes. It’s allowed me to improve my business consistently and systematically.

Vietnam Seller

I use Split Dragon search rank tracking feature every day. I can’t imagine going back to manually tracking search rank.

Philippines Seller

I was skeptical of any seller software but you can see all large Amazon sellers use similar software to grow their businesses. I tried and now completely understand the value of Split Dragon.

Singapore Seller

Split Dragon is, without question, the best software tool for Lazada sellers. I’ve been selling on Amazon for 3 years now and annoyed that no tool like this was available for Lazada sellers. Split Dragon is a pleasant surprise and I’m hoping they continue to evolve.

Thailand Seller

Appearing in top of search results is the only way sellers can make money online. Split Dragon gives us key tips to help improve our search rank and our sales have went up more than 20% in the first 3 weeks of using it.

Most Common Questions

Is there an option to pay annually? Monthly bills are annoying
Yup! You can pay monthly or annually. Select annual payment to get 2 months free
Can I try Split Dragon before I pay for it?
Absolutely! Split Dragon's most basic plan is free for 7 days. Give it a shot with as many of your team members as you need
How does Split Dragon use my data?
Split Dragon uses your product listing details from Lazada Seller Center in order to run automated checks on your product health, search rank and AB test results.
Split Dragon does not track individual seller sales and will never use your sell your data for business purposes. Our only goal is to help Lazada sellers build their products via automation.
How do I pay for Split Dragon?
You can purchase a Split Dragon subscription with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI compliance ensure that your data stays secure.
How does Split Dragon’s pricing work?
Split Dragon's pricing is tiered and different levels of features are available at each tier.
Will Split Dragon work with my Seller Account?
Yes of course. Split Dragon worked very closely with the Lazada seller center and services marketplace team during the build of Split Dragon. It connects with the Lazada Seller Center API just like any other ERP system.
How secure is your site?
We use SSL encryption and are Level 1 PCI compliant. So you can be sure that, with Split Dragon, your private data stays private.
Can I change my plan?
You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.