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We help brands win in global marketplaces

Split Dragon partners with industry leaders & agencies to implement and automate best practices in marketplace growth.

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Optimize marketplace performance with...

The right tools...

Access reliable business intel using fully-automated tracking tools for competitor, keyword, and product research.
Generate record-breaking sales and skip repetitive tasks while you’re at it.
Track your progress with easy-to-understand reports.

and the right team.

Plan your next milestones with 100% data-driven strategies vetted by marketplace experts.
Understand growth beyond numbers & unlock what it takes to become any brand’s no-brainer choice for marketplace services.
Get ready to scale with a proven & repeatable framework for growing service provider teams.
See if we’re a good fit

Meet Split Dragon's most trusted partners

We’re proud to collaborate with marketplace growth enablers who meet & exceed the benchmarks we set for our industry-leading SOPs & services across the globe.


Dentsu X Thailand established the specialist unit called “dX Commerce” to fulfill the client’s needs.

With Split Dragon, dentsu X has generated higher foot traffic and boosted sales by organic optimization/consultation services. Now, dentsu X is expanding this partnership across SEA.


From Amazon to Alibaba to Lazada, iProspect optimises for visibility and sales by approaching each marketplace with the same forensic rigour they do in search marketing. iProspect has executed multiple marketplace and social commerce campaigns out of their Singapore office.


With “Experience beyond Exposure” as credo, dentsuX Philippines provides end to end marketing services, and Ecommerce solution is one of the growing services we provide to clients. Partnering with %{platform_name}, dentsuX Philippines brings efficient ecommerce experience for both consumers and clients by organic optimization and consultancy services.

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