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Explosive TikTok Shop Growth for Global Brands

Our TikTok experts provide comprehensive services for brands aiming to launch or enhance their TikTok Shop sales channel, driving revenue while maintaining brand integrity.

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Why Split Dragon?

With deep expertise honed from TikTokShop's launch in SE Asia before expanding to the US & Europe, we excel in elevating TikTok Shop revenues through creator partnerships, TikTok Shop setup, & short-form video content on TikTok, Facebook Videos, IG Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Our white-glove service includes dedicated account management, strategic creative editorial, in-app content creation, access to over 1,000 partner creators, and state-of-the-art studio shoots in Austin, Texas or the Philippines.

We offer comprehensive support, including end-to-end sales channel management, content planning and delivery, alongside additional services like paid media, influencer partnerships, community management, and an integrated approach to TikTok Shop, encompassing paid strategies, content, affiliates, and live shopping.

Trusted by 3k+ Brands, Sellers, and Agencies

Why Our Clients Love Tiktok Shop?


  • Affordable ad rates with an average CPM of $5 or less
  • By December 2023, our TikTok Shop campaigns achieved a commendable $15 CPA alongside a $45 AOV
  • Thriving organic reach fosters virality, while savvy creative content significantly reduces CPCs and slashes CAC by 50-75% compared to Meta
  • With an engaged base of 138 million daily active users, TikTok ensures that the customers are not just browsing but buying

What You Need To Know About TikTok?

    1. TikTok captivates 80% of the U.S. population under 35 daily, amounting to 135m+ users.
    2. The platform's user base is older than perceived, with 26% aged between 25-44.
    3. Generation Z, aged 16-26, commands a buying power of $44 billion.
    4. Millennials, aged 27-42, wield a buying power of $2.5 trillion.
    5. TikTok's search feature surpasses Google in traffic and volume.
    6. The TikTok algorithm outperforms those of Meta and Google in effectiveness.
    7. Meta has adapted by focusing on TikTok-style video content on Facebook Video and Instagram Reels.
    8. YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts to highlight TikTok-like content.
    9. Shoppers under 35 prefer starting their searches on TikTok, leveraging its superior SEO/SEM capabilities.