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Split Dragon Search Rank Tracking

Are your products visible in Lazada & Shopee?
Split Dragon automatically tracks search rank for your top keywords and products.

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Search Rank Updates Every Day

Search rank reporting is updated daily. Stay up-to-date by simply checking the reports and reviewing email updates sent to your inbox.

Get more sales by ranking well in Lazada & Shopee search results

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Accurate Rank Tracking

Search rank tracking made available to you every single day. Always know how your listings are performing!

Detailed Historical Reporting

View the evolution of your product search rank over time to make informed decisions.

Save Time

Simple setup. Start search rank tracking within 5 minutes. Manually tracking keywords across all your products simply isn’t justifiable without automation.

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Enter Keywords and click ‘Add Keyword’

Adding keywords is easy. Simply navigate to the product that you want to track. Then add keywords to track it’s search rank.

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Periodically Check Your Rankings & Get Email Updates

Simply log-in and view rankings for all your keywords and products in a single dashboard. Drill-down to see historical ranking reports for each product and keyword.

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Take Actions to Continuously Improve - Rank Better & Get More Sales

Once you’ve setup search rank tracking, you can test different changes to your listings and see how they impact search rank. You can also monitor competitors to see what changes they are making to rank better than you.

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