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Unify, Understand, & Govern Your SEA eCommerce Sales Channels

Use Insight360 dashboards to quickly make data-driven decisions

Easily integrate & visualize all the data needed for you to govern your online sales channels in one place

Eliminate the need for your team to manually compile data from multiple sales and advertising channels

10+ out-of-the-box integrations - from Shopee, Lazada, & Tokopedia to Facebook & Google

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Insight360: Powerful centralized reporting for brands & agencies


Unified Store Performance

Get all your marketplace & ad data aligned in a single reporting suite

Dashboard of all of your store & product data

Revenue & units sold data

Traffic data

Funnel data (conversion rate, add to cart)

Promotions data


Operational Performance

Efficiently govern your marketplace operations via real-time reporting

Chat response rate & time

Ship on time status

Cancellation rate

Availability to purchase trends

CEM performance

Customer insights

Ratings & reviews


Ads Performance

Unify your ads data to optimize & scale performance

Sponsored search performance

Sponsored affiliates performance

Sponsored discovery performance

MSP data

Facebook & Google


SEO & CRO Performance

Win share of the shelf with data-driven reporting & processes

Category keyword research

Organic search visitors

Organic search conversion rate

Search rank


Market Share

Understand and grow via market share intelligence

Brand vs competitor brands performance:

Price trends

Discounting trend

Estimated unit sold

Estimated revenue

Review growth trend

Inventory trends

Share of search


Competitor Intelligence

Track & monitor every move of your competitors

Price trends

Discounting trend

Estimated unit sold

Estimated revenue

Reviews growth trend

Inventory trends

Follower trends

Competitor benchmarking


Pricing and Promotions

Effectively govern your pricing & promotion strategies

Brands vs competitors pricing trends

Promotions and discounting trends

Vouchers and past vouchers


3P vs. 1P

Get visibility into all sellers of your branded products

Official store vs official distributor vs Grey SKUs performance:


Share of revenue


Estimated unit sold


Estimated sales revenue


Pricing trends


Review growth rate


Inventory trends

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Get unified business intelligence reporting to effectively govern your business via Insight360!

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